Residential Garages and Sheds

Epoxy Floors for Residential Garages and Sheds

Stylish and practical, our epoxy flooring is an ideal floor for your home garage and shed's concrete floor. With our range of stunning finishes, you’ll be able to select an epoxy coating that blends seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic.


  • Extremely resilient and durable
  • Versatile and beautiful finishes
  • Non-slip
  • Easily cleaned and maintained


Garage and shed floors need to be tough enough to withstand the daily grind of foot and vehicle traffic. That much is obvious. What’s less obvious is a concrete floor’s inability to stand up to the task. The shifting tonnage of vehicles, the oil and chemical spills and the clatter of machinery and equipment leads to cracks, abrasions and stains. Unprotected garage and shed floors aren’t safe for your vehicles, and they certainly aren’t safe for your family.

Dunn Right Industries high-quality epoxy floor coating adds decades of durability and chemical resistance to your concrete floors. It offers a great deal more, too, as we’ll explain. Rest assured that as Mackay's concrete specialists, we understand the concerns of a business, and will have your garage or shed epoxy flooring installed with minimal downtime.


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